New and Improved Varieties of Vending Machines

Vending machines are mostly perceived as machines that sell consumer goods like foods and equipment. This is understandable, as majority of vending machines are used for selling food, drinks and consumable items. But these machines are becoming more versatile in modern times, and proving to be useful in a variety of different ways. Some new and improved types of vending machines are described below:

1. Custom Vending Machines

Custom vending machines are basically those machines that are designed specifically as per the instructions of the buyer. The person or party purchasing these machines provides the details for the specifications such as size, design, capacity, exterior look, etc. The manufacturer then makes these custom vending machines accordingly.

2. Tool Vending Machines

Tool Vending Machines are used for items other than food and drinks. They can be used for simple gadgets, stationery, medical or computer supplies, construction and workshop equipment, etc. These machines can be for commercial purpose to sell items to people, or for industrial uses to serve as inventory storage.