Automatic Tools Dispensing Machine at Affordable Rates

Automatic tools vending machine is a kind of storage unit where you can store various tools and use when you need it. Where, these storage spaces can be used alone or together to offer secure inventory control access with the flexibility in storage units.

• With cut tool inventory, often by 50% or more

• Able to decrease cost on new tools around 30%

• With the help of tools vending machine you can reduce administrative costs significantly, often by as much as 90%

• Integrate various tool vending machines with the various app to monitor real-time inventory during process planning

Tool vending machines are available in coil or in rotary style with various storage lockers and cabinets along with locking drawers and compartments; where, large drawer style cabinets can be locked with full or partial security providing the ability to dispense one insert at a time or full packages.

Tools vending machine has unique design; items once issued to anyone can also be returned for repeated use. Machine also has an option for the flexible report which enables the user to get standard and customised report. Once report has been generated, it can be accessed from anywhere via email. Tool vending machines also includes feature such as automatic procurement capabilities and centralised SQL database.

Advantages to have tools vending machine:

• You can see very quickly which is the best tool to use for a job during process planning and check inventory availability

• Able to move faster from design to the shop floor with the most efficient cutting tool option

• It is quite easy to order new tools, and even have automated-order capability

• Redundant backup of data

• Remote access to reporting

• Remote diagnostics of vending machine system and easy maintenance etc.

There are various other types of vending machines other than tool vending machines such as:

• Full line

• Bottle and can cold drink vending machine

• Coffee vending machine

• Cold/ frozen/ ice cream vending machine

• Combo vending machine

• Elevator vending machine

• Options

• Outdoor vending machines

• Reach in coolers

• Snack machines

• Used machines

• Custom vending machine and many more.

Vending machines are more safe and quite easy to operate, some people says cost saving machines in-fact, you can save huge money because there is no need to appoint any person to collect cash and operate it, it is operable 24*7 which makes more money.