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Avanti is one of the leading providers of tools vending machine and tool vending machines at affordable price.

 Tools Vending Machine : 


• Vends, tools, googles, ear plugs, accessories, etc.
• Controls, pilferage. Employee card or badge, tracks each employee’ vends.
• Can be set for FREE VEND, with tracking “or” charge for the product.
• Your company name and logo on the machine. Can be used on the factory floor to account for supplies, tools, personal protective equipment and more.

We can set up the machine to vend almost any product.



Tools Vending machines

Looking to simplify your inventory management and cut costs through mechanization? AVANTI is a renowned name widely understood in the industrial industry to provide tools vending machine to cover a wide range of different applications. We process everything from accepting order to delivery to set up to meet customer requirements. Our pioneering tool vending solutions are backed by innovative technologies, allowing you to ensure inventory management to improve efficiencies in your supply chain.

AVANTI designed tool vending machines are made available in unique scroll designs that work with barcode scanning software to ensure thoroughgoing efficiency and suppleness. Our tool vending machines are attuned to one another to secure inventory control, liability of tool usage and springiness in storage options.

Our custom made tool vending machines and lockers are smartly configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements including imprint of your company name and logo on the machine, and controls like employee card or badge, free tracking and easy change for the product.

We frequently check your tool vending machine and ensure its functionality. Arrays of benefits that you can relish after installing tool vending machines include:

  • Enhanced productivity due to less walk time.
  • Hassle-free set up of machines at your said place.
  • Reasonable price and more.

So, whatever product you want to vend, you will find us standing side by you.

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